How to Select Your Best Pearl Jewelry

For some people, the pearl’s raw, organic simplicity has remained unrivaled in beauty and mystique. Pearls are amongst the oldest and most universal of all gems known to man, and are the only gem made by a living organism. Pearls have adorned Kings, Queens and commoners throughout time and been attributed with great powers. Almost every culture has a myth or legend about their wondrous and mysterious beauty. But in the face of thousands of pieces of pearl jewelry, what type of pearl suitable for us and how to pick up the “right” one from them? When choosing pearls there are a number of things to consider besides just the quality of the pearls. While there is no right or wrong way to chose pearls, here are a few tips you should consider.


When selecting pearl jewelry, quality is the most important factor. What makes a pearl perfect? Pearls can never be absolutely flawless but the quality and price of a pearl are usually determined by the following criteria:

– Shape: Pearls come in eight different shapes (round, drop, oval, button etc.) that are sorted into three types: spherical (rarest and most expensive), symmetrical, and baroque.

– Size: This is more of an individual preference and also depends on the type of jewellery. However, larger pearls are rarer and hence more expensive. Normally, the larger the pearl, the more expensive it is at the same quality grade. Size does matter. Pearl sizes correspond to the wearer’s age and are specific to different occasions. Along with budget, color, the size of the pearl also matter while selecting a gift for young girls. Pearl are available in wide range of sizes, therefore, depending upon the personality and jewellery pieces the size of the gem should be selected wisely.

– Shine and lustre: This is the most crucial assessment factor for pearls. A good quality pearl will have a glow which indicates how well light is reflected from the core of the pearl. The best pearls have an overtone and enveloping ‘mist’. It also has an orient or the ability to show rainbow colours when rotated under light.

– Surface quality: A good quality pearl will have very few blemishes, cracks, dimples or bumps. The surface should look clean and feel smooth to the touch. However, pearls often have bubbles or minute, barely there abrasions on their surface that give each pearl a distinct look without adversely affecting its quality or value.

Color of the pearls:

While buying a pearl jewelry, the skin tone and the color of the pearl should be considered. Different pearl colors compliment different skin tones. The pearl color does not affect the value of the pearl; instead it is completely in the eye of the beholder. Right choice of a pearl color can highlight the skin tone and give a lift in life.

White is the most popular color and suits the widest range of skin tones. Nevertheless,

– Fair skins are well matched with white pearls.
– Tanned and dark skin tones are harmonized with creamy and golden pearls.

Pearls make a woman shine. A poetic metaphor for life, pearl is a perfect gift for all occasions. A simple strand of pearl necklace can take a woman through every moment in her life, every outfit in her wardrobe; it will be loved and cherished for life.